Seniors Div 1 away to Warnambool

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2017 Fixtures

Fixtures for the current season can be found tat the link below:

2017 Fixture 

Note U’11s and U’9s have had a history of changing so please check regularly.

Big Round This Weekend

23rd April Match Reports

Draws & Close games were the flavour of the day.

Division 1 Seniors hosted Bacchus Marsh at home in ideal Autumn conditions. Daylesford found themselves 1-0 down at half time following a flat performance. Hard work and stand out performances by Sean Ludeke & club stalwart Dragi Koleski saw the game played more on Daylesford’s terms. Against the run of play Bacchus Marsh were awarded a penalty, expertly kept out by Jarrod Prosser. After toiling hard all day Ludeke finally broke through in the 92nd minute to bring both sides level and salvage a point for Daylesford. Final score 1-1 Goals: Sean Ludeke – 1  Best: Dragi Koleski, Sean Ludeke, Jarrod Prosser, Lachlan Torquati.

Division 2 Travelled to North Ballarat for a much improved performance and even contribution from all players. After conceding a soft early goal, hard work by Jaycob Paddon resulted in a penalty, coolly converted by Tiger Callahan. Paddon & Gabriel Gianni-Meave managed combined to generate a controlled finish by Paddon. Now 2-1 up Daylesford’s defensive line was under pressure all the way through the second half but strong performances by Akseli Partonen, Richard Malter & Ben Andrew managed to hold out until the final 5 seconds conceding a soft penalty. Final Score 2-2 Goals: Tiger Callahan  Jaycob Paddon  Best: Tiger Callahan  Jaycob Paddon  Ben Andrew, Akseli Partonen.

U/15s Daylesford & Hepburn United V Ballarat North United  Score 2:1 loss Goals- Jaida Berridge

U/13s Daylesford & Hepburn United V Vic Park Red  Score 2:2 Goals- Eero Partonen, Liam Pertzel. Best Giordano Cappuccino, Micheal Armstrong, Luka Straka.

U/11s Daylesford & Hepburn United V Vic Park Blue Score 4:3 Goals- Zach Koleski – 2 , Valentine Smith -1.

Round 2 Match Report

Daylesford lose tight wet battle

Games were played in the worst conditions in nearly 50 years, with nearly 100mm of driving rain soaking the pitch and falling throughout both fixtures.

Seniors Div 1

The Division 1 team gave ladder leaders Warnambool FC a big fright, after being up 1-0 at half-time, Daylesford lost 2-1 in the sodden conditions.

Daylesford started well and created some great chances through best on ground Owen Turbitt, who had a cracker of a game out wide. It was the inform Abdel Bennani who scored the goal of the decade with an amazing volley from 30 yards into the back top corner. Very rarely will you see such a strike in Australia.

Warnambool were pushing hard and had Daylesford scrambling to keep their lead on many occasions, with excellent work from Gonzalo Silva, Dragi Koleski, Jarrod Prosser and Francis Comber. Ivan Carter and Sebastian Lukoszek-Every battled well in midfield, and Jono Burris was excellent all day tackling hard.

After half time Warnambool came out hard and scored two goals in 10 minutes, but rarely threatened after that. Daylesford at least deserved a draw, but just could not scramble a goal and came close again with some excellent crosses and run from Turbitt.

The team was without club darling Jordy Barnes and young talents Aidan Mayger and Lachlan Torquali.

All in all, a great effort against an excellent team. The squad has a weekend off to recover and then play on Friday night in Ballarat.

Final Score: 2-1 Loss

Best: Owen Turbitt, Gonzalo Silva, Abdel Bennai, Dragi Koleski, Sebastian Lukoszek-Every, Jono Burris.

Seniors Div 2

An understrength Daylesford Div 2 side battled the appalling conditions and some dynamic team play from Ballarat. Daylesford hit the half 3-1 down with both teams generating several scoring opportunities but Ballarat showing some poise in finishing. Jaycob Paddon & Jeff Brownscombe worked tirelessly through the middle all day. Despite some valiant defending from new recruits Ben Andrew, Damian White & Akseli Partonen, Ballarat scored 3 more after half time to take the match comfortably 6-1.

Final Score: 6-1 Loss

Best: Ben Andrew, Damian White, Akseli Partonen, Jaycob Paddon, Jeff Brownscombe.